Founded in 2019, Canadian Imperial Advantage (CIA) delivers entrepreneurial training, business support, Newcomer programs and services. CIA’s board forms volunteer committees, which are each chaired by a board member but made up of individuals who provide volunteer services.

Who are we?

Canadian Imperial Advantage (CIA) was founded by a locally branded, well-traveled community activist; an advocate of change. Headquartered in Edmonton, our primary focus is economic empowerment within our community.

Our Mission

The Organization’s Mission is to provide the highest quality of services with the aspect of unique and diverse opportunities for all individuals, clearly establishing valuable connections and supports in which people may discover a personal journey with considered equality, ability, and contributions; empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

Our Vision

Is to establish and support a sustainable solution through quality resources, technology, and practicality to the dynamic complexities that the world faces, requiring individuals to reach beyond the surface.

Our Mandate

Canadian Imperial Advantage seeks to provide clear and relevant information through cost- effective, easily accessible mentorships, counselling, and consultations with a strong client focus approach. We strive to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, support and advance underserved communities with honesty and integrity.