Canadian Imperial Advantage Newcomer Center (CIANC)

We work with friendly and experienced settlement professionals to deliver the following services to newcomers:

  • Help you look for job
  • Help you find a place to live
  • We organize programs that help you integrate to your new community
  • Help you get language assessment and sign up for language classes.

English Language Support

We work with our partners to offer a variety of free support programs designed to help non – English speakers improve and develop their communication skills – help with writing, speaking, listening, and reading. This is a chance to practice language skills in a friendly, stress-free environment.

Key Functions

Key functions of the CIANC are as follows:

  • Promoting the idea of entrepreneurship among newcomers in Edmonton
  • Adopt better ways to integrate newcomers

Canada welcomes thousands of newcomers every year. Our newcomer service promotes the integration of skilled immigrants by helping them through:

Visa Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

  • Help bring skilled foreign workers to Canada
  • Apply for visas and permits for business owners

Business Support for Newcomer Entrepreneurs

  • Help newcomers setup new business in Canada

Language Support

  • Language proficiency support: English and French language classes for newcomers

Integration Problem

  • Introduce newcomers to potential employers by organizing local job fairs
  • Offer volunteering opportunities

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Coaching support
  • Handholding
  • Advisory and professional support
  • Training and workshops

Economic Empowerment

  • We work with recruiters that help match employable newcomers with employers that require their skill set


  • Our Immigration consultants are responsible for helping skilled workers and entrepreneurs relocate to Canada

  • They would help them obtain visas and other related immigration documentation


  • Our language instructors will help improve the reading, writing, and speaking skills of students of diverse ages and backgrounds

  • These lessons would be designed to meet newcomer’s language proficiency needs
  • Develop and deliver professional development programs