Apply to Become a Mentor


To provide support and guidance; establish connections that foster professional and personal growth. 

Essential Skills

  • Desire to help inexperienced people. 
  • Commitment to the program objectives.
  • Capable of stimulating mentees thinking and reflection. 
  • Ability to maintain boundaries while providing valuable guidance.
  • Sees this position as an opportunity to gain experience and grow.
  • Actively listens with an open mind and without judgement.
  • Effective communication and people skills.
  • Sees solutions and opportunities that help mentees’ make sense of their goals and challenges. 
  • Entrepreneur with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience. 


  • Understand and adhere to policies and practices of Canadian Imperial Advantage.
  • Participate in the program’s orientation sessions launch the mentoring relationship and establish a connection type.
  • Help mentees’ set attainable goals while providing guidance to help them achieve it.
  • Regular meeting with mentees to discuss progress.
  • Impart the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that mentees’ want to learn or develop.
  • Motivate and provide encouragement to sustain mentee’s zeal.
  • Submit weekly progress reports to Canadian Imperial Advantage regarding the status of the mentor-mentee relationship.