Newcomer Settlement Services

What We Do

Canadian Imperial Advantage is committed to making it easier for newcomers to reach their full potential in Canada.

We support newcomers through specialized programs, products, and partnerships with settlement agencies.

We offer information on settlement issues, including information to support transitional housing, legal help, education, and accessible services and support to immigrant and refugee children, youth, and their families, including social recreation programs, on-site services, delivery of immigration, and settlement services.

Ultimately our long-term hope is that through partnering with the right organizations, more newcomers will receive the support and services they need to succeed, and within five years of landing in Canada, they will find meaningful work; be thriving, productive members of society; improve their family’s financial health and well-being.

Getting a Job in Canada: Newcomer Testimonial

Arriving and Settling in Canada: Newcomer Testimonial

We work with friendly and experienced settlement professionals to deliver the following services to newcomers: 

  • Help you look for job 
  • Help you find a place to live
  • We organize programs that help you integrate to your new community 
  • Help you get language assessment and sign up for language classes.



We work with our partners to offer a variety of free support programs designed to help non – English speakers improve andevelop their communication skills – help with writing, speaking, listening, and reading. This is a chance to practice language skills in a friendly, stress-free environment. 

It’s Tax Season!

At CIA we offer a weekly free tax clinics where you can have your accounting questions answered and file your taxes.

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