Boot Camp

Business Bootcamp is the place to turn your business idea into a startup, grow and expand your business. The boot camp is designed to help founders confirm their business ideas, and identify market opportunities, as well as build their first prototype and minimum viable product (MVP)


An eight-week program where business ideas are validated and turned into startups.

Benefits of Boot Camp:

  • Learn how to start their business
  • Identify their target market and develop robust strategies to compete in the market
  • Carry out Customer Validation Sprints: Practical approach for validating problem-solution fits
  • Hands-on coaching from high-caliber, experienced senior mentors
  • Meet and network with early-stage investors, technical co-founders, and researchers.
  • Exclusive member’s benefit: Access to CIA’s online and on-site resources, exclusive member benefits and discount services from in-house professionals and incubation center resources.

Only applicants willing to spend the next 8 weeks working on their business are encouraged to apply.

Program details and start date to be announced soon.

Contact us for more information about the program.