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Whether it’s improving leadership skills, staying abreast of industry innovations, preparing for a new role, or thinking of running for office someday, everyone has their own distinct reasons for wanting to be empowered. Register today to be a part of the Her-conomy Fall 2023 cohort.

What to Expect from the Digital Literacy  Program

Our digital literacy masterclass by experts in the field, is designed to take you to the next level both in your business and career. At this training you would be introduced to different technologies and tools . You would also have the opportunity to upskill.

Week 3 – Digital Communication

  • Pulse code modulation and baseband communication

  • Digital marketing including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

  • Virtual communications – Zoom meetings, Webinars, Teams, ERP, etc.

  • Marketing automation – Email marketing, SMS, Newsletters etc.

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

Week 4 – Business Analysis and Data Management

  • Business Analysis Fundamentals

  • Requirements gathering and definitions

  • Identifying and mitigating business risks using process flows and test cases

  • Data Management Fundamentals