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Whether it’s improving leadership skills, staying abreast of industry innovations, preparing for a new role, or thinking of running for office someday, everyone has their own distinct reasons for wanting to be empowered. Register today to be a part of the Her-conomy Fall 2023 cohort.

What to Expect from the Entrepreneurship Program

Starting a business can be challenging and there are many demands on you which can impact how to launch and run the business. Our entrepreneurship program is designed to support you through the process, by providing trainings and services to help you run a successful business.

Week 3 – Business Management: Operational Excellence

  • Processes and Systems
  • Performance and Employee Management
  • Process Improvement and Customer Satisfaction
  • Coaching and Leadership Engagement

Week 4 – Business Scale-up: Growth & Expansion

  • Partnerships and Collaboration
  • New Markets, Product Development and Strengthening Market Share
  • Exit Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Investments, Seed Rounds, Initial Public Offering (IPO)