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Whether it’s improving leadership skills, staying abreast of industry innovations, preparing for a new role, or thinking of running for office someday, everyone has their own distinct reasons for wanting to be empowered. Register today to be a part of the Her-conomy Fall 2023 cohort.

What to Expect from the Empowerment Program

Our empowerment program is a community built on virtual and in-class trainings and workshops to integrate the expertise of other programs offered concurrently, to help individuals build healthier lives from inside out.

Week 3 – Financial Literacy

  • Loans and Credit Management

  • Accounting and Financial Planning

  • Tax Filings and Returns

  • Funding Strategies & Opportunities

Week 4 – Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Self-care

  • Physical Health

  • Cognitive

  • Social

  • Emotional