Business Incubator

This is for early-stage startups looking to build upon their initial success to achieve product-market fit. Our incubator program supports early-stage startups and businesses to overcome the challenges associated with growing their business.

Canadian Imperial Advantage

Join with a minimum viable product (MVP) and some form of market validation.

Canadian Imperial Advantage Incubation center

Canadian Imperial Advantage is looking for Canada’s most-promising and high-impact entrepreneurs who have what it takes to scale their business.


Over the course of 8 to 12 months you will receive hands-on support to refine product development, develop a powerful team and build a winning sales strategy.

My business is expanding to a new location, the external funding you secured for us is responsible for this growth. You guys are a light in the small business community.


Your business advice was so simple and direct. My business is now moving in a new direction and customer base is expanding


Good news. I was able to get that property for my business. We would be opening our doors next month and you  would be duly notified when it happens .We welcome your visit soon.