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Small business counseling sessions

I was invited to attend one of your small business counselling sessions. I would like to let you know that your team are doing a really good job. I have been contacted by various members of your team after the session to follow up on the progress my business is making.

My business is expanding to a new location, the external funding you secured for us is responsible for this growth. You guys are a light in the small business community.


Your business advice was so simple and direct. My business is now moving in a new direction and customer base is expanding


Good news. I was able to get that property for my business. We would be opening our new restaurant doors next month and you  would be duly notified when it happens. We welcome your visit soon.


I came to you with a business proposal and left with an idea for another business which I will be starting in the next three(3) months. Thanks for the work you do for our community. I also thank you for your support during this COVID-19 pandemic period.


I and my partners benefited greatly from your business advice and now we want more. We look forward the programs you have lined up for after COVID-19 lockdowns.


Your business programs need a larger local audience because more people like me would benefit from it. kudos to the CIA team.


Thank you, CIA for the mentorship! – our business is now on the road to a greater future.


You make starting a business look very easy. Yes! It is very easy. Thank you for the support.


Thanks you for all that you did to turn our business around by providing business owners managerial, technical, financial, and marketing skills through advising and mentoring. We appreciate you.


I have always wanted to come to Canada to pursue my dreams of becoming an international businesswoman. Canadian Imperial Advantage helped make that dream a reality. No regrets: Two years and counting since arriving Alberta, Canada.


Thanks for your guidance. My brother arrived Canada- We commend your CIA team for their honesty and integrity throughout the application process. I promise to recommend more family and friends to contact you.


We forecasted a business collapse by the end of August 31, 2019; you guys came to our rescue with the financing advice. Thanks to Ben for sending us your way. We are out of the woods now.


I would like to volunteer to be a part of the organizing team for the next Newcomers Integration program. The cultural event I attended last year was very impactful; I got to meet a lot of newcomers last year and they have become my new family in Canada. I hope these monthly newcomer events would not stop due to COVID-19. I would hate to see that happen.