HER-conomy Initiative Program (Connect, Enpower, Lead)

Program Overview – (September 2nd – October 14th, 2023)

HER-conomy is a  6-week program that is set to build an inclusive world without borders for women in Alberta and Western Canada through capacity-building training in leadership support and social empowerment for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and advocates.

The program provides an empowering community where women with different, backgrounds, life experiences and demographics connect and thrive with fair advantages while strengthening each other to become great leaders.

HER-conomy Initiative Program is developed to bridge communication and upskill the Albertan women community for equitable economic opportunities.

HER-conomy Testimonial

Sharene Gaitor describes HER-conmy as an impactful,

insightful, educational and invigorating program.

HER-conomy Testimonial

Tarissa Woolaston owner and CEO of Layered by Rissa

talking about the impact of the HER-conmy program of

CIA on her business.




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Who Qualifies to Apply?

You are eligible to apply if you
  • Identify as a woman.

  • Require coaching and mentoring for career advancement and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Want to join other women in building an ecosystem with great economic advantages.
  • Want to impact the women workforce and blaze the trail in your chosen niche.
  • Need upskilling to boost employability.
  • Need motivation from the women fellowship to achieve your goals.
  • Need access to capital/funding.

Program Delivery

HER-conomy will be delivered via interactive presentations, and class activities led by seasoned entrepreneurs and instructors. Virtual and In-person